option vote
Survival - About to be evicted, ramen noodles or less for 2 out of 3 meals, etc. 118
Financial struggle - Student struggling to make ends meet, low income in a high cost of living location, single mom. 5
Short term financial need - Need to replace a vehicle or furnace that died; pay for a one time expensive necessity. 6
Long term financial need - Pay off student loans, start a business, etc. 6
Condition that hinders typical employment - Health/disability, criminal record, etc. 7
Desire to experience the finer things in life - travel, 5 star hotels, etc. 5
Desire to meet a better class of men than you can find on Match.com. 5
Desire to have a pseudo relationship without the commitment and expectations of vanilla dating. 5
Fun money - pay for a vacation, hobby, cosmetic surgery, etc. 5
Sugar dynamics of an older man/younger woman. 5
FWB + allowance - Why not get paid while fulfilling my sexual needs? 7

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