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Animosity: In a instant all animals gained intellect and ability of speech in par with humans. Society collapsed and the remnants are building a new one ( Animosity Comic by Aftershock ). 0
Undertakers: A paramilitary group has discovered how to access the afterlife and are now seeking to have a foothold on it ( Flatliners meet Uncharted but your the "bad guys" ). 1
Braveworld: mousefolk, pixies, spiderfolk, are some of the new dominant species in this fantasy world were the humanoid races either died or ascended to another plane of existence ( Mouseguard meets Adventure Time / Pugmire with tiny critters ). 0
Sparkbound: Plane hopping adventure across the planes of magic the gathering, finding in each a new challenge in search of a series of items ( TAZ: Balance in the wolrd of MTG ). 0
Drowned Tale: A campaign set mainly, if not entirely, under the the seas, making use of all aquatic races ( inspired by Exploring Eberron ). 0
Stolen Cities: For millennia have the elder gods captured people from our wolrds to theirs: tho serve them, worship them, fight their wars. But during the end of the 19th century / start of the 20th century they came came together to steal not just some i 0
Strange Skies: Centuries ago, two strange moons appeared in the sky, one of them blocking the sun and driving the wolrd into eternal night. From there the surface was overwhelmed with horrors, and the mortals were driven into the underdark ( inversion of 1

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