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In a instant all animals gained intellect and ability of speech in par with humans. Society collapsed and the remnants are building a new one ( Animosity Comic by Aftershock ). 0
A paramilitary group has discovered how to access the afterlife and are now seeking to have a foothold on it ( Flatliners meet Uncharted but your the "bad guys" ) 0
Sentient mousefolk are one of the new dominant species in this fantasy world were the humanoid races either died or ascended to another plane of existence ( Mouseguard meets Adventure Time / Pugmire with tiny critters ). 2
Explore the magical side of New York, were golens, genies, fairies an othes unite to life their lives and keep the masquerade ( Dimension 20: the Unsleeping City ). 5
Plane hopping adventure across the planes of magic the gathering, finding in each a new challenge in search of a series of items ( TAZ: Balance in the wolrd of MTG ). 2
A campaign set mainly under the the seas, making use of all aquatic races ( inspired by Exploring Eberron ). 2
For millennia have the elder gods captured people from our wolrds to theirs: tho serve them, worship them, fight their wars. But during the end of the 19th century / start of the 20th century they came came together to steal not just some individuals, but 2
Centuries ago Atropus, the Wolrd Born Dead, blocked the sun into a perpetual eclipse, and the dead under its gaze rose as undead abominations. The "gogly races" were driven into the underdark were they survive to this day. 0

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